Details of a Television Science Program

I would also like you to find me the producer, director, year of

production,… of the science program QUANTUM which was hosted by Carl

Sagan. I want to quote Sagan saying that if we ever communicate with

other beings it will be in the language of mathematics. Sagan said

this on one of the QUANTUM programs. I think they were made in the


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Are you sure the tv programme wasn't called COSMOS, if you visit Carl

Sagan's website ( )there is information about

his 'landmark television series 'Cosmos' on PBS'.


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Quantum sounds like a fascinating series. I hope we will be able to

see it some day in the United States.

Carl Sagan died in December 1996 after a long illness, so we can

probably rule out 1996 programming. The earliest online details about

Quantum that I could find are from August 1995. The show has been in

production since 1986, but I haven't found descriptions of the '80s

programs. You may want to look through this 1995 list and see if

anything rings a bell. "The Search for New Planets" sounds like a

possibility, but I haven't seen a mention of Sagan's name in

connection with this.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Quantum

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I now think that the television program was probably Cosmos although

our tape on which we recorded the program was labelled QUANTUM.

Perhaps the Cosmos segments were used by the Quantum people. I would

like to know the producer, director, and the date, with reference to

the program that Sagan did on other worlds, where he was reflecting on

the possibility of communicating with people from other worlds.


Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

I have not yet been able to locate an episode guide to Carl Sagan's

"Cosmos." There is a companion book to the series which is still in

print, and the entire "Cosmos" series is now available on DVD. If you

have access to a library which offers either the book or the DVD set,

I would expect that tracking down the exact quote you need would not

be too difficult. Sagan mentioned the chance of life on other worlds

(and the possibility of communicating with alien beings through

mathematics) in more than one episode of "Cosmos," as I recall.

You may also want to examine Sagan's fictional account of mankind's

first contact with extraterrestrial life, "Contact," which was made

into a rather good film.

These links about Sagan and "Cosmos" may be of some use to you:

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