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where can i get a copy of the film, "the Swenkas"?

Request for Question Clarification bycynthia-ga

The official web site is here:


The film is listed in their "Current Releases" Section as available to

be ordered, however it requires a username and password to look at

that page. The section labeled "released on video" does not have

Swenkas listed.

I called them and it has not been [legally] released on video, however

you may be able to pre-order.

You will need to contact them from the information below:

Phone: (323) 845-1455 (they answer this)


Sorry, this is as close as we can come –we cannot link you to, or

tell you where to locate illegal copies (per Terms of Service").

If this is helpful, let me know and I'll repost it as your official answer.


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