Donald Duck Comic Book

I'm looking for a very specific Donald Duck comic book. The answer

I'm looking for is not necessarily where i can buy an original copy

(although that would be nice+++++), but rather a specific

identification of the issue that would allow me to go to a comic book

collector and be able to tell him/her the exact issue i'm looking for,

rather than handing them a piece of paper with my recollection of what

the front cover looked like. (1) It was produced by Dell Comics–ok,

I'm 90% sure); (2) it was put out sometime between 1957 and 1966; (3)

the front cover (this is the part I'm certain of), contains a full

figured (eg head to feet) Donald Duck, with his two arms stretched to

the left (as you're looking at the comic book), and he's holding an

alarm clock. He's wearing his traditional hat, with two feathers

hanging out on the right hand side. If a drawing of the front cover

would help, feel free to email me at and I'll

reply with an attachment with my recollection of what the cover looked

like. I have no idea of the story line inside. Thanks!

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