Dostevsky's Pushkin Speech

In 1880, shortly before he died, Dostoevsky gave his famous Pushkin

speech at the unveiling of the Pushkin monument in Moscow. I would

very much like to get a free copy of this speech in English.

Thanks in advance!

One thought on “Dostevsky's Pushkin Speech

  1. You'll find an English translation of Dostoevsky's Pushkin Speech here

    (the page numbers in the text refer only to a certain book which

    published the speech):

    Archive from The Pushkin Speech

    A different English translation is here:

    Art Russe: Pushkin

    My Google search strategy:

    Google Web Search: dostoevsky "pushkin speech"


    I hope this is precisely what you need. If anything is unclear or

    incomplete, or if a link does not function, please request

    clarification; I'll gladly offer further assistance before you rate my


    Best regards,


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