Effects of Insecticides on Humans

I read an artical that referenced,

He F, Sun J, et. al. Effects of pyrethroid insecticides on subjects

engaged in packaging pyrethroids. British Journal of Industrial

Medicine 1988;45(8:548-51 as one of it's sources of information. How

can I find and obtain a copy of this on the internet?

Request for Question Clarification byaziphirael-ga

Hi there,

A quick clarification. Do you want to find the paper or this article?

Request for Question Clarification bytehuti-ga

This article is not available online in full text for free. You can

get an abstract of it on the Net, or you can obtain a copy of the full

article for $14.70. If you are interested in either of these options,

I can show you how to get to them.

Clarification of Question byralphm-ga

aziphirael-ga,I am looking for a copy of the paper in the British

Journal of Industrial Medicine, thanks

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