English Language Word List Ordered by Frequency of Occurance

Is there anywhere I can obtain a word list of the english language

ordered by frequency of occurance in communication (i.e. the, and

would be near the top and rarely used words would be near the bottom).

Clarification of Question bychallenger70-ga

I need a list that has pretty much every word in the english language

(scientific and frequently used foreign words would be a plus, but not


Clarification of Question bychallenger70-ga

Also, a frequency index such as a 1-20 scale or something is also acceptable

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  1. Challenger70-ga,

    There is exactly such a list of the Top 200 words at this site:


    based on an analysis of a corpus (a collection of texts) of more than

    a million words.

    As you suspected, "The" is at the top of the list, accounting for

    6.88% of all the words in the corpus, followed by of, and, to, a…

    "Down" is #100, "current" is #1000, and "generation" is #2000.

    I trust this information fully answers your question. However, please

    don't rate this answer until you have everything you need. If you

    would like any additional information, just post a Request for

    Clarification to let me know how I can assist you further, and I'm at

    your service.

    All the best,


    search strategy: Used bookmarked sites for word frequencies

  2. Ooops.

    I'm afraid I didn't see your qualifier — about having EVERY word in

    the English language — until after I posted my answer. Ships passing

    in the night, and all that…

    Have a look at the link I provided about the Top 2000 (not 200, as I

    typo'd), and then please let me know if it comes close to meeting your


    In the mean time, I'll be looking for more comprehensive resources,

    and you can expect to hear back from me (probably tomorrow) with more


    Looking forward to hearing back from you…


  3. Yea, this is for a computer program so it really needs every word,

    which would be anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000…Id say around 75,000

    which is considered average vocab (yes, the average person does know

    that many words) would be great.

  4. No wonder they call you Challenger!

    Try this one:


    This is a list from the British National Corpus of all words — in

    frequency order — that appear more than five times in the corpus. I

    estimate there are about 60-70,000 entries on this list.

    A full description of this file can be found here:


    Note that a much longer list is available that includes all words in

    the corpus, even at a frequncy of five or less appearances. You can

    download that file by clicing on the link that says:

    For all.num.gz click here

    I hope these are exactly the sort of thing you're after, but if you

    have need for anything else, just let me know, and I'm at your



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