I need information on European TV program called “Eurotrash” (could be

spelled separately)

What kind of a program is it? How popular is it? Who do they have as

their guests?

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  1. Hello inga-ga,

    Eurotrash is a Rapido TV production in English, and in the UK is

    broadcast on Channel 4 on Thursday nights around 10-10.30 pm hosted by

    Antoine de Caunes. Programme content is of an adult light

    entertainment nature, focusing on soft porn, titillation and eroticism

    with a deliberately manufactured 'cheesy' amateur feel, just check out

    the set design! Aimed at the younger generation with a heavy dose of

    humor (and sarcasm) laced with a slight craziness. Features include

    Euro pop coverage, interviews and documentaries on unusual, weird and

    wonderful European people, places or themes…. anything goes!

    The Eurotrash web site will give you good insight into the programme

    material, with features from the programme. As described on the

    Eurotrash homepage "Exotic European culture, rich in kitch"

    Some past guests include soft porn stars, naturists, people claiming

    to have a notable sexual record or weird activity, are very good at

    something, or very bad at something! From the web site:

    The amazing Randy the naked magician

    Mr and Mrs blow up fetish couple

    Euro pop singer Sabine Neumeyer

    Alan Tex fetish photographer

    Serge Jacques granddaddy of glamour

    porn queen Eva Henger

    Dr Susan Block sexpert


    and to give you an indication of the type of people who have been on

    the series the Eurotrash Awards for Erotic Achievement



    will give you a fairly clear picture of the characters they have on

    the show.

    Clearly the material borders on distasteful for some or cheap frills,

    however the programme has proven popular and new series always seem to

    return. mentions

    "It's the rudest telly show ever!" screamed Britain's Sun newspaper

    when Channel Four TV's cheeky magazine series hit the airwaves. Now

    see for yourself, as we bring Eurotrash to America."

    there is a 'classification' of the show at the bottom of the page


    22 minutes, color video, English

    Co-gender, Comedy

    Subjects: Camp, Comedy

    Distributor/Studio: Channel 4 Television

    The producing company Planet Rapido also produces other programmes of

    a similar content "Alternative culture for alternative people"

    Planet Rapido

    Excerpts from the About Planet Rapido webpage

    "From the makers of the hit cult TV show 'Eurotrash', Planet Rapido

    aims to take entertainment on the web into a truly new dimension.

    Planet Rapido was formally known as Rapido TV Ltd."

    "Rapido TV began in 1991 as a co-venture between a French-based

    production company led by an American – Peter Stuart, a Frenchman –

    Antoine De Caunes and Richard Branson's Virgin Communications. With

    offices in London and Paris, specialises in light

    entertainment and factual magazine programmes appealing to young

    adults, and has quickly become one of Britain's leading independent

    producers. Rapido is best known for its little gems Eurotrash,

    Baadasss Tv and Passengers which have become cult viewing in over

    thirty countries world wide."

    "EUROTRASH (Channel 4): Thirteen 8 x 30-min series of weird, wacky,

    sleazy, fun and colourful stories from around the world presented by

    Antoine de Caunes (Jean-Paul Gaultier co-presents up to series 6).

    Stories include 'Tantric Sex School', 'Nude Cleaning Service' and

    'Rabbit Showjumping'. Regular appearances by Eddy Wally, Mr Penguin,

    Romeo Cleaners, et al. Specials include `A Song for Eurotrash` (for

    Eurovision Song Contest) and Euroballs (World Cup series)."

    The American version is called Yankee Pankee

    excerpt, first paragraph


    An American version of 'Eurotrash' by the same company, Rapido."

    How popular?

    Viewing figures week ending Jan 10th 1999

    Eurotrash Channel 4 No 6 in top 10 3.25 million

    News and Politics: UK Censorship News 1999

    Excerpt show Eurotrash was ranked 4th in it's adult 15+ category

    for December 2000 – ROI TV Review

    Top Programmes (CH4)

    Adult 15+

    December 2000

    Rank, Programme Name, Day, Time, Date, TVR, 000's respectively

    1 Celebrity Frock – Ups Wed 2032 Dec 27 5.1 148

    2 Father Ted Ave 2200 Ave: 3 4.7 136

    3 Brookside Tue 2101 Dec 19 4.5 129

    4 Eurotrash: Look At Lolo Tue 2237 Dec 19 3.8 109

    5 Father Ted Fri 2102 Dec 29 3.7 107

    6 Brookside Ave 1959 Ave: 10 3.7 106

    7 Amsterdam: City Of Sin Sat 2237 Dec 2 3.5 102

    8 Paul Zenon's Tricky Xmas Sun 2306 Dec 24 3.4 99

    9 Heroes Of Comedy Thu 2059 Dec 28 3.3 94

    10 TFI Friday Sun 2408 Dec 24 3.2 91

    December 2000 – ROI TV Review medialive, Source: AC Nielsen


    General enquiries, partnership opportunities

    and job opportunities:


    phone +44 20 7440 5700 (Int'l)

    fax +44 20 7439 2733(Int'l) Ltd

    14-16 Great Pulteney Street


    W1F 9ND

    United Kingdom

    About Planet Rapido web page

    Search Strategy:

    rapido TV


    rapido TV eurotrash ratings


    eurotrash tv ratings success OR successful


    If you need any clarification of the answer, just ask.

    kind regards


  2. That just about covers it. A couple of questions:

    1.Is Jean-Paul Gaultier still involved with the show

    2.Is there something similar on US tv?

    3.In what light do they present their guests? Is it humiliating, like

    on Jerry Springer show? For instance, if you are a lingerie model,

    would it be a bad career choice to be on the show?

  3. Hello inga-ga

    1.Is Jean-Paul Gaultier still involved with the show

    >No Jean-Paul Gaultier is not involved now.

    ( Jean-Paul Gaultier co-presented up to series 6 )

    2.Is there something similar on US tv?

    >Yes, as pointed out, "Yankie Pankie", which is a Planet Rapido

    production too

    (Eurotrash name doesn't suit the American market of course)

    The Yankie Pankie site is featured on Planet Rapdio's home page

    3. In what light do they present their guests? Is it humiliating, like

    on Jerry Springer show? For instance, if you are a lingerie model,

    would it be a bad career choice to be on the show?

    > Antoine de Caunes the presenter usually jokes around with his

    guests, making light hearted remarks, even making a fool of himself,

    any humiliation is low key and tongue in cheek.. the whole show is a

    'joke' and supposed to draw laughter, – guests know that comments are

    'meant as a joke'. The Jerry Springer show 'humiliating' is more

    'cutting' to perhaps invoke jealousy / agression / shock reactions.

    The fun atmosphere in Eurotrash is simply to draw a smile.

    If a lingerie model came on, she would probably be asked to bare

    something.. but meetings are pre rehearsed sketches with Antoine..

    like sitting on his lap and singing a song.. all mixed in with silly

    remarks which has proven to be a successful formula so the guests know

    the plot.

    If you wanted to obtain a video to experience the Eurotrash show you

    can purchase online here for international delivery:

    I hope the clarification helps,

    kind regards


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