Exact Text of One/two Line Poem Describing Soldier's First Combat

In highschool cluster english in the San Diego City School system

circa 1990 I came across a poem that has stuck with me since, but only

by *meaning*. I want the full correct text, and author etc., of this


It is a single-line that relates the experience of a soldier in an

early war, waiting in a ditch with his comrades for the enemy to

charge over a wall. As the first enemy soldier crests the wall, time

seems to stop for the viewpoint character, and he seems to watch the

bullet from his rifle traverse the distance to the enemy, penetrate

the enemy's heart, killing him, and can watch the tumbling of the

corpse of the first enemy as it falls at the foot of the wall. The

poem's message is carried in the second part: "~The rest fell just

like that.~" (paraphrased)

I suspect an american poet, one or two sentences, writing about WWI (or WWII).

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