Fake Voice Mail

I found a few months back a site that will answer your voice mail as

anything you want. Will Fake a company and read any script you give

them. They will also call your boss and pretend that they are your

spouse so as to call in sick or for that matter call your spouse and

pretend they are your boss and say you are working late ie cover for

you if you are stepping out. They will also set up fake business

meeting with actors etc… I have not been able to find this site


Question, Does anyone know the link to this site or one of a similar nature?

One thought on “Fake Voice Mail

  1. Dear lamax,

    The company you have in mind is most likely Alibi Network. The

    services they offer on their website fit with your description; even

    the use of actors is mentioned:


    Here is full contact information:

    Alibi Network Corp.

    P.O.Box 61

    Prospect Heights, Illinois 60070


    Phone: 1-866-312-4064

    E-Mail: info@alibinetwork.com

    Website: http://alibinetwork.com/

    Hope this is what you were looking for!



    Search terms used:

    "voice mail" service excuse


    "alibi network" services


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