Fameous Quotation Out of One of Goethe's Plays

I would like to know the famous quote from Goethe's play "Egmont"

where he says something like "And God gave me a mouth to say how I

suffer." I'd like this in German if possible, but a translation would

be ok too.

One thought on “Fameous Quotation Out of One of Goethe's Plays

  1. Hello milly4515:

    Thank you for the interesting and challenging question.

    The quote that you are looking for is:

    "Denn wenn der Mensch in seiner Qual verstummt,

    Gab mir ein Gott zu sagen, was ich leide."

    The last line of this quote can be translated in English as:

    "God gave me the gift to say how I suffer."

    Perhaps the reason you were having trouble finding the quote is that

    it is not from "Egmont", which Goethe published in 1788, but from a

    later piece, "Torquato Tasso" from 1790. More specifically, the quote

    can be found at (V, 5, 3432-3) in that work.

    For more information, and supporting references, please see:

    Deutsche Literaturgeschichte in einer Stunde


    Torquato Tasso


    Creativity: An Interview with Margaret Atwood


    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832): Selected Works


    Search Strategy (on Google):

    * Goethe gave suffer

    * "how i suffer" goethe

    * Mir gab ein Gott zu sagen was ich leide

    * "Torquato Tasso" goethe "zu sagen"

    * works goethe

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.


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