Famous Quotes of Soccer Players

Which footballer once said "A lot of people who don't know me,hate

me,and I just don't want to be disliked by anyone anymore"?

Answer comes from the following list:

Vinnie Jones


Stuart Pearce

Andy Cole

Alan Hansen

Paul Ince

David Batty

Ian Wright

Jurgen Klinnsman

One thought on “Famous Quotes of Soccer Players

  1. Hello.

    Ian Wright said it.

    From the article, "WRIGHT VOWS TO REFORM HIS CHARACTER," 29 May 1997,

    courtesy of BarclayCard Premiere News:

    "When I'm on the pitch, I'm a completely different animal and that's

    an animal I'm trying to keep controlled now," said Wright. "A lot of

    people who

    don't know me, hate me, and I just don't want to be disliked any more.

    That's why I decided to seek counselling. It started during the season

    and will go on for the rest of my life. What's important is the

    honesty of it."

    Full interview on 4thegame.com:


    search terms: "don't know me hate me"

    I hope this helps.

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