Famous Short Story Author

Hi there,

I would like to find the name of the author of a book of short stories

that I stumbled across a few years ago in a university library.

I remember one of the stories was about a soldier in indochina who has

stepped on a landmine that will explode when he steps off.. from

memory the story is just about his thoughts after he has been left by

his platoon in the jungle. Another story was set in a New York

apartment but I can't remember anything about it. They were all quite

macabre but with fascinating twists.

I remember the author had a very foreign sounding name, maybe russian

sounding, starting with maybe an M or W, haha I realise these are odd

clues. For some reason I suspected he might have actually come from

France though.

The author must be quite famous because there were quite a few books

with his name on them in the library.

I'm just after the author's name.


Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

I wonder if you may be thinking of David Jauss. His short story

"Freeze" involves a young soldier in Vietnam who steps on the kind of

landmine (called a "Bouncing Betty") that is designed to explode when

you step off it.

The story appears in Jauss's collection "Black Maps." Here you can see

a picture of the book's cover, and read excerpts from the stories:


Does this seem familiar? Is David Jauss your author?

Clarification of Question byamca014-ga

Wow that is very close, but in this story the soldier is I think

waiting for death, and the punchline is that he starts getting cramp

in the leg that is standing on the mine. Its one of those things where

I imagine that it must be very difficult to research, but if you've

read it a light will flash up in your head. As I mentioned, the

stories are all very dark and generally involve death of some sort.

I would guess that they were written at least 25 years ago, but during

or after the french war in indochina. That must leave about 30

years… how many short stories could have been written then? haha.

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