Fees Charged For Sms Messages to "900" Numbers Via Cell Phones

I have seen a proliferation recently of ads (especially in personals

listings) that say something like: "Want to chat? Just text <some

word> to 22428" (for an example, see:

http://zingy.com/operatorChat.php). I know there must be fees

associated with this, but I can't find any information, anywhere. How

does this work? I'd love to know any or all of the following: does

one company own the "22428" text message number? Is it owned by the

mobile providers (Sprint, Verizon, Cingular)? Are there other

numbers? Do they all cost money? Who sets the price? How do you

find out what the price is? Any links to articles about how this

works on a technical or business level?

I'm amazed that they could get people to do this without disclosing

the cost. Is this just an extension of the telephone 900 system?

Guidance would be great.

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