Female Photographers in New Orleans, Louisiana

I am looking for a female photgrapher who works in new orleans,

Louisiana, who goes by the screen name "grigrigirl35".

One thought on “Female Photographers in New Orleans, Louisiana

  1. Hi kisseroffer,

    I believe the photographer you are inquiring about is Julia Bailey.

    ""Photography is not just a pleasure, it is a need. Like breathing air

    or drinking water…I need it." – Julia Bailey (Grigrigirl)"

    David Timms: Random Quotes


    You can find the user profile for grigrigirl at the DPChallenge website forum here:


    The photographer's website is here:


    About Julia Bailey:


    More on Julia Bailey:

    Print Room: Julia Bailey


    Search criteria:


    "grigrigirl" "Julia Bailey"

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding my answer

    please don't hesitate to ask before rating it.

    Best regards,


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