Feminist Critic of Jonathan Swift

Here is my feminist outlook on Jonathan Swift's GULLIVER'S TRAVELS:

Swift portrays women as inferior creatures in GT, comparing them to

lusty, dirty, and ignorant animals, ultimately leading to Gulliver's

disgust in women in general at the end of the novel. So basically, I

am looking for any feminist criticism on GT proving that Swift was a

misogynist who oppressed women in his novel (particularly relating to

his comparison of women to animals in GT). I already have found

Felicity A. Nussbaum's article "Gulliver's Malice: Gender and the

Satiric Dance," so I am looking for other sources along the lines of

that article. I am looking for scholarly articles, preferably

available on the Internet.

One thought on “Feminist Critic of Jonathan Swift

  1. Hello skewy-ga:

    I've found the following two articles.

    Carol Barash, "Violence and the Maternal: Swift, Psychoanalysis, and the 1720s"

    URL: http://social.chass.ncsu.edu/wyrick/debclass/barash.htm

    "Jonathan Swift?s Woman Problem" by Rita Hoffman

    URL: http://faculty.ccc.edu/colleges/wright/greatbooks/Program/Symposm/Issue%202%20Revised2.pdf

    Note: See starting on page 56.

    Please review them and let me know if they are along the right lines.

    If so, do you need more? If not, can you provide more details that

    would help in my search?



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