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Following are some lines from a poem….one that is unknown to me but

I'd like you to find for me.

At heart I am a stricken thing–you would not think so, would you?

And if you looked for such deceit you could not find it, could you?

For I have clothed my heart in mirth with brilliant color flying

But down inside my funny heart a little child is crying.

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

It might help if we knew where (and approximately when) you read these

lines of verse. Any additional details could be helpful.

Clarification of Question bymsdolally-ga

Okay…an aunt, who is recently deceased, said she wrote these lines.

But she was very old…had always been fond of poetry…and we had

reason to think she may have actually memorized it long ago from

someone else's poem. No way to find out but try and find it. I tried

a website called "" to no avail. That's really all we

have to go on. I would deeply appreciate it if you could solve the

mystery. Not to mention, if it IS from someone else's poem, it would

be nice to know the remainder of such poem.

Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga


I checked four poetry databases, and several other sources (including,

of course, searches of Google and Google Books), and did find anything

that looked like the poem you quoted.

Of course, not finding it does not mean it was never published…it's

simply not showing up in searches of some fairly deep resources.

This may well be exactly what your aunt said it was…something she

wrote on her own. But of course, we have no way of demonstrating that


I'd like to know your thoughts at this point as to how best to proceed?



Clarification of Question bymsdolally-ga

Suppose we split the difference. Since you are unable to conclusively

find a poem that contains these lines and therefore there is no answer

either way…would you be willing to take $25 in payment for the work

you have performed?

Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga

That's a generous and fair offer, but I guess I was hoping against

hope that you might have a suggestion for how to conslusively answer

your question.

My experience has been that only a small percentage of published

poetry ever makes it into electronic databases, so it certainly is

quite possible that the poem you asked about was written (and

published) by someone other than your aunt.

Or then again, it may well be that your aunt was indeed the author of the poem.

Alas…we may never know for certain.

Anyway, there's certainly no need, nor any expectation, to pay for a

search effort that didn't answer your question. But that's up to you.

If you would like to reduce the price of your question, so that I can

post an "answer", then by all means, feel free to do so.

But if not, then just leave the question as is, and perhaps another

researcher will come along who will have better luck in finding

something more definitive on this particular poem.

Thanks again,


Clarification of Question bymsdolally-ga

You most recent correspondence with me is a very nice one. I, too,

wish that I had some clue to give you. I have known the aunt in

question for close to 60 years and never knew until recently that she

was fond of poetry. Shortly before she died, her daughter enlightened

me on this subject and said she would furnish me with two of her

favorite poems….which she did..this being one of them. When she

e-mailed these four lines to me, she ended her statement that her

mother had written those four lines of poetry with the words "she

wrote this herself, but I wonder…" So she too is wondering. Without

being too graphic, I'll say that the circumstances underwhich the

daughter found out about these lines was this: Her mother was in the

hospital and time was growing short. She wrote these lines of poetry

on a piece of paper and told another daughter "this is a poem that I

wrote." One would think that one would not be telling fibs on one's

death bed…and she doesn't strike me as the type who would tell a fib

under any circumstances. But since her daughter wondered and she

herself attempted to find the lines via an online search…then I

would be inclined to wonder which story is true also. Given the

content of the lines in question, perhaps it was something she didn't

care to share with her children while she was alive. Anyway…can we

do this? Since you have been so kind, could we fix it so that you

would receive some compensation for what you have done and

simultaneously arrange to leave the question open for others to

research as well? Perhaps even making some note of the research you

have already accomplished so that other researchers could avoid

duplicate work? I'll leave it to you..whatever you think is best.

Thank you for your help.

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