Find Me This Poem on the Web

I am looking for a poem I once found on the internet while looking for

something else. It is a poem by a mother with a special needs child.

The gist of the poem is that when the girl was born (or when mom found

out she was pregnant) Mom bought a pair of dance shoes. Then she

finds out kid is handicapped and will never dance. So she sell the

shoes at a garage sale.

Helpful information:

I probably came across this poem while searching for for other

inspiration writings about autism. So a search that includes "autism"

or "special needs" and poetry might be a good place to start.

I think the last line is something like "I sold my dreams for a

dollar" or "I sold my dream for a quarter" or "I sold my dream for a


It is possible that someone with the last name Guppy either wrote the

poem or had a poem on the same page as this poem.

Sandy Meyers who writes a lot of poetry about autism did not write this poem.

Can't tell you how frustrated I am that I can't find this now – when I

did only a month ago. I am tired of looking, so maybe someone else

can take up the project for awhile.


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