Finding a Book Title

I read a book in 1985 that was about Lourdes, in Northern Spain. The

premise was that the Virgin Mary (who appeared at Lourdes) was going

to appear again and grant 3 wishes so people flocked there, hoping She

would cure them, etc. But the Basques decided to use this opportunity

to make a political statement and blow up the basilica. What is the

title of this book?

One thought on “Finding a Book Title

  1. Hello.

    Your book was "The Miracle" (1984) by Irving Wallace.

    From a reader review at

    "In THE MIRACLE it has now been almost 130 years since the apparitions

    at Lourdes and the Vatican has recently discovered a journal kept by

    St. Bernadette in which she recorded three secrets told to her by the

    Virgin Mary… Virgin Mary would return during a Reappearance Time and

    perform a miracle…

    Mikel Hurtado, a member of a Basque freedom organization, has plans to

    travel to Lourdes to blow up the grotto in order to make a political

    statement and advance the cause of his people. "


    search strategy:

    lourdes "virgin mary" basque "blow up"


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