Finding an Old Science Fiction Book

I am trying to locate a Science Fiction book that I read circa 1978.

It was a paperback an probably was a couple of years old at that time.

The plot revolved around the settlement of a planet with a "life force

that lived off of strong emotion" This life force fostered a violent

& conflict ridden human society divided between martial arts

practioners who controlled their violent impulses and "ronin" bandits

who did not.

I thought that the author was a Smith or Schmit but I may be wrong in that memory…

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

I believe your book is "The Eternal Frontiers," by James H. Schmitz.

Here are a couple of summaries of the plot:

"Earth's colonists have spread throughout the cosmos, and have almost

divided into two separate species. One is the Swimmers, who have

adapted to living in zero-gravity, and regard themselves as the next

step in evolution, and those who prefer to live on the surface of a

planet as little better than apes. The latter group, the Walkers, are

not about to say farewell to the planets they grew up on, and think

the Swimmers are not so much advanced as deranged.

Crowell, born a Swimmer but now a Walker by choice, is caught in the

middle as the two sides seem headed for war. Then he discovers the

true cause of the altercation: a hidden alien race moving behind the

scenes to provoke a war so that they can pick up the pieces after the

two sides have obliterated each other. And if Crowell cannot head off

the war and convince both sides of the existence of the real enemy,

both branches of the human race may be headed for untimely


"On an alien planet, two great human cultures — the distant

descendants of earth, now almost two separate species — are in a

struggle for control. The Swimmers, beautiful, graceful, artistic and

clever, live in free fall in great starships and in artificially

maintained antigravity zones on planet surfaces. The Walkers, who live

chiefly on planets, are aggressive and tough, energetic and


Crowell, born a Swimmer but a Walker by choice, commands the Cencom

military mission on a wild, untamed planet. Another Walker faction,

the Galestrals, are in uneasy alliance with Cencom, maintaining a

precarious balance of power against the Swimmer culture. Suddenly, a

destructive force of unprecedented power mysteriously begins to

threaten the whole planet. Its source is unknown — but the decadent

sinister Swimmer Bethany clearly knows more than she will say.

The threads of this complex and precarious predicament are ripped

apart when Crowell, his beautiful fighting companion and their

spirited Galestral allies discover the awesome secret of the alien


What do you think? If this is your book, I'll be glad to post it as

your official answer. If not, a few more details would be very


Clarification of Question byakakevin-ga

Dear pinkfreud-ga,

Thank you for your help but, the book you describe by James Schmitz is

not the book that I am seeking.

The entire plot of the book that I seek, is set on the surface of a

planet. The conflict within the story is between one group of

colonists decended from martial artists who control their negative and

violent emotions and the other group called ronin who are totally

without self control.

There is limited technology in the story as it was mostly destroyed

when the human colonists first landed upon this planet and were

exposed to this alien force that feeds upon violent emotions.

Thanks again for your effort. But your suggested answer is not the one that I seek.

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