Finding the Address of a Publisher


can you please find me the address for the publishing company Paladin

Books/ Granada Publishing Limited, however if this publishing company

no longer exists can you please tell that for the books they

previoulsy published what company they operate under now?

I need to contact them for copyright permissions.

thank you

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  1. Hi janerhodes,

    Harper Collins, formerly William Collins & Sons bought Granada

    Publishing who had previously bought out Paladin Books.

    HarperCollins_Publishers_ (formerly William Collins & Sons, before

    that truly fine merkin citizen, Rupert Murdoch, then xxxxian, added

    them to his swagbag): included are the imprints HarperCollins,

    Voyager, etc; Collins, whose p/b imprint was Fontana, had by then

    bought Granada Publishing, who had themselves absorbed Mayflower,

    Rupert Hart-Davis, McGibbon & Kee, Arco, Paladin, and others…"

    Terry Pratchett Bibliography

    "1983 – sells Granada publishing to William Collins"

    Harper Collins (Aquarian; Flamingo; Fontana; Fount; Bartholomew;

    Grafton; Granada; Thorsons; Times Books; Unwin Hyman; Voyager)

    Books and Publishers

    British Companies

    "HarperCollins was founded in New York City in 1817 by the brothers

    James and John Harper. In 1987, Harper & Row was acquired by News

    Corporation. The worldwide book group was formed following News

    Corporation's 1990 acquisition of the British publisher William

    Collins & Sons. Founded in 1819, William Collins & Sons published a

    range of Bibles, atlases, dictionaries and reissued classics…"

    Email Harper Collins:



    Written permission is required to reprint or reproduce material from

    HarperCollins Publishers Books. Please read ALL of the following

    information carefully.

    Requests may be made by writing to:

    Permissions Department, 6th floor

    HarperCollins Publishers

    10 East 53 Street

    New York, NY 10022

    "We cannot accept requests by telephone, fax, or to personal e-mail

    boxes. Please allow enough time for your request to be handled. It may

    take four to six weeks or more for a response, which will be sent by

    mail. Do not submit duplicate requests.

    An online request form is attached for book republication requests

    only. If it does not apply to your specific request, send a complete

    letter by mail to the above address."

    Permissions Request Form: General Books

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding my answer

    please don?t hesitate to ask before rating it.

    Best regards,


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