Finding the Book This Scene Was Taken From

I recall a scene in a book which i thought was Penrod, by Booth

Tarkington, but on re-reading the book couldn't find that passage. The story,

set around the early 1900's, involved a young boy who'd brought a

stray dog home. He'd hidden it in the barn, or some outbuilding,

because Mother wouldn't approve. In order to feed the dog, he took the

(lamb)chop his mother served for dinner and put it in his shirt. His

mother turned around and asked what happened to the chop. "I ate it,"

he said. "Bone and all?" "I was hungry". And then comes the line

that stuck in my mind, which goes something like "And then, in the

manner of grownups, she let this tantalizing mystery go unsolved,

something no self respecting child would ever do."

Does ANYONE know the book this came from?

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