Firefighters in North Vancouver, Bc

I'd like the complete list of names of the North Vancouver

firefighters (BC, Canada), please. The names are public (as they are

public/civil servants) however I am having trouble finding this

online. Can you help?

I've found the names of the two fire departments, I just can't find

the names of the actual firefighters. I'm specifically looking for the

North Vancouver team that played hockey at Whistler last weekend

(4/2-4/4 2004) in the Second Annual Whistler Fire Fighters Hockey

Tournament. If you could narrow it down to just that, I would really

appreciate it! Otherwise, the complete list of all the firefighters

would work.

District of North Vancouver Firefighters

Local 1183

1110 Lynn Valley Road

Phone: 604-983-7575

Fax: 604-988-5249

City of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue

165 East 13th Street

Phone: 604-980-5021

Fax: 604-988-8544


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