Flower Delivery Service For France

I live in the U.S. I would like to find a service that allows me to

order flowers for it to be delivered in France. The site must be

reliable. Since I live in the US, not knowing much about Europe about

the validility of the service.

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  1. Hi Worldanh!

    Below you will find three reliable services that allows you to

    order flowers and have them delivered in France.


    Flowerfarm, a sister company of the ProFlowers brand offers fresh

    flowers delivered to over 50 countries through their network of

    top-tier florists and farms around the globe.

    Just click on the individual country in which you would like the flowers delivered:


    You can send flowers to a friend or loved one, in many countries of

    the world! Flowerfarm gives you a 100 percent guarantee of delivery:

    complete refund if you aren't completely satisfied.




    Q. What?s the procedure for ordering flowers from you ?

    A. Please follow these easy steps.

    1. Select language (we support English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French).

    2. Select country of destinations.

    3. Select currency.

    4. Select your flower bouquet.

    5. Click the order button.

    6. If new customer set up account, If returning customer sign-in with

    email and password.

    7. Proceed to the checkout page.

    8. Fill in the shipping information.

    9. Submit your order.

    10. Confirmation email will be sent to email address provided.

    Q. How can I contact Flowerfarm if I have other questions?

    A. At Flowerfarm we are always ready to help our customers. If the

    answers to your questions can't be found here, please contact us using

    whichever method is easiest for you.

    Email: feedback@flowerfarm.com


    +1-800-565-6609 (toll-free US and Canada)

    +1-858-638-4942 for our customers outside the USA

    Fax: +1-858-638?4725


    Flowerfarm.com co.o. Proflowers.com

    5005 Wateridge Dr, Suite 200

    San Diego, CA 92121





    FTD (www.ftd.com) also has international delivery service.

    FTD International Deliveries

    "FTD.COM can deliver flowers around the world. Please select the

    recipient's country below and you can view the products available for

    delivery to that country."






    1-800-FLOWERS.COM also offers international delivery




    Search terms:

    flower delivery international

    I hope this is helpful!

    Best regards,


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