Flying With Pets

Please tell me the major airlines' pet travel policies. Note: I have

a 55-pound husky, so this is not a little dog I can fit into a

carry-on. Thanks very much.

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  1. Hi christmas:

    Thanks for the interesting question.

    I found the following excellent page with links to all the major US

    carriers' pet policies:



    I've reviewed all the linked policies for you w.r.t. your large-ish

    husky. I've pruned down the policies to the ones that I believe apply

    to your situation *only*.

    Large-ish Pets Allowed in Cabin:

    * none

    Large-ish Pets Allowed as Cargo:

    * American Airlines

    * Continental

    * Delta

    * Midwest Airlines

    * Northwest Airlines

    * United Airlines

    * US Airways

    Special Care Options for Pets as Cargo:

    * Continental – PetSafe program and Quickpak for speedier baggage recovery

    * Midwest Airlines – Premier Pet Program

    Cost Per Pet:

    * American Airlines – $100/pet

    * Continental – depends on options chosen

    * Delta – $75/pet

    * Midwest Airlines – $75/pet

    * Northwest Airlines – $80/pet

    * United Airlines – $100/pet

    * US Airways – $100/pet

    Having review all the options, I'd have to say that Continental seems

    to have the best service. (Of course, I'm not sure what it'll cost if

    that is a concern.)

    Bon Voyage to you and your best friend. 🙂

    Search Strategy (on Google):

    * "pet policies" airline

    I hope this helps.


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