For Pinkfreud: Another Crossword Clue

Hi Tallulah,

This was in Tuesday's Guardian and it was one of several that had been

set by Bunthorne before he died recently.

He was very good and I managed to solve most of Tuesday's, including

the one I now offer you as a challenge:

CLUE: Its help for free for the one of you two, they say; hoi polloi

get nothing (3,4,7)

To be fair, I did have a few letters that helped so, if you can get

this without any letters, then you are over-qualified to remain in


Please, NO HELP for Tallulah unless she has admitted defeat and then

it's a free-for-all.


Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga


Clarification of Question byprobonopublico-ga

Oh Tallulah

You got it SO quickly: in less than 3 minutes!

Please post your resignation letter to Mensa as quickly, after first

posting your answer here.

Also, tell me how you managed to do it so quickly.

A Dumbfounded Gaylord

One thought on “For Pinkfreud: Another Crossword Clue

  1. Mon cher Monsieur Ravenal,

    I'd rather not resign from Mensa just yet. I paid a hefty sum about

    six months ago which secured me a one-year membership, and I'd like to

    get my money's worth. The membership card is very useful for scooping

    up peanuts at parties and for swatting intellectual insects

    (particularly the odious Spelling Bee). It can also come in handy as a

    "Get Out of Jail Free" option if one is stopped for exceeding the

    Intelligence Limit.

    My strategy:

    CLUE: Its help for free for the one of you two, they say; hoi polloi

    get nothing (3,4,7)

    I immediately saw "the one of you two" as "Bono" (the lead singer of

    the rock group U2), and from there it was simple:

    for = PRO

    the one of you two = BONO

    hoi polloi get nothing = PUBLIC 0 (public zero) = PUBLICO

    It's help for free = PRO BONO PUBLICO

    Oddly enough, I hate crosswords with this kind of cryptic clue. I am

    fairly good at solving such puzzles, but they annoy me unless people

    are offering me money for solving 'em. 😉

    I hope I won't be accused of Showboating.

    ~The Pink Magnolia

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