French Quotation or Proverb

"Il y en a toujours l'un qui baise, et l'un qui tourne la joue" This

is quoted at the end of Nicholas Monsarrat's "The Cruel Sea". "Il y a

toujours un qui baise, et l?autre qui tend la joue.? Galsworthy "The

White Monkey". "Il ya toujours l'un qui baise, et l'autre qui tend le

joue" Emma B Cobb "What Did Miss Darrington See". But who are they

all quoting?

Clarification of Question byjago8-ga

Mmmm… le_gritche-ga's comment below, anyone researching this q

would do well to exclude the term "baise-moi" otherwise you get a lot

of rubbish about the film of the same name.

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