Gaining Weight

I am in excellent health but am 25 pounds underweight. I have

maintained my current weight for at least five years. I never have

much of an appetite, in fact I only eat two small-to-average meals per

day and feel "full" easily because my stomach is small. My physician

sees no harm in me gaining a little weight. I seem to just have a

fast metabolism. Because I am so skinny, I do not feel good about

myself. It is easy for me to pinch nerves in my arms because I have

little fat to protect them.

I would like a long list of foods or snacks that are high in caloric

content but not otherwise unhealthy, so that I can safely gain at

least ten pounds without having to increase the amount of food I eat.

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  1. Greetings!

    To stay safe, please let remind you to check with your physician

    before starting any type of diet program or before making changes to

    your current diet.

    As with any diet, you must be willing to make some changes to your

    current eating habits. I am referring to your statement "I only eat

    two small-to-average meals per day".

    Gaining weight and losing weight basically involve the same

    principles. Sometimes you've got to shake things up a bit, to get

    that old metabolism working to your advantage. Getting into a food

    rut can make your body pretty set in it's ways. But throw in a few

    curve balls, like say 5 or 6 high calorie meals a day, and suddenly

    your body will awaken from it's everyday ho hum state of norm and go

    "Hey wait a minute!" Something different is happening now and your

    body will start reacting to it.

    I know what you are thinking, you get full on 2 small meals…how are

    you going to eat 5 or 6 of them? Have faith, it can be done! For

    example, prepare your 2 meals in advance, using the examples of the

    high calorie foods that you will find in the links I have listed. Now

    divide the meals into 5 or 6 small containers, adhere to a schedule

    that allows you to eat several times a day. And there you go, you are

    eating basically the same amount of food that you normally do, but in

    smaller amounts and at various times of the day.

    Remember just because a food is high in calories does not mean it is a

    good addition to your diet. Try to avoid empty calories, such as the

    kind you may find in foods made with refined sugars. Also steer clear

    of foods with high fat content. A greasy burger and fries are high

    calorie, but not heart healthy.

    Eating several small meals a day, made from foods with a high caloric

    properties, is just part of the solution, exercising to help build

    muscle mass is also critical in a weight gaining program.

    I hope you will find the links I have listed helpful in your weight

    gaining endeavor. I am especially fond of the information found on

    the American Dietetic Association website.

    Good luck and it has been a pleasure assisting you with this


    Links of interest

    American Dietetic Association

    Gaining Weight-A Healthy Plan for Adding Pounds

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    Weight gaining tips and exercises

    Chet Day's Health and Beyond

    How to Gain Weight and Bulk Up, by Anthony Ellis

    Search terms

    calorie index+weight gain

    calorie index

    high calorie+food selections

    "weight gain diet"

    "weight gaining program"

    "nutritional weight gain"

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