Garbo Posters

Dear Friends,

A while back Cindi said she was going to try to track down copies of

the Greta Garbo poster that interested me. I would love to have 2


One thought on “Garbo Posters

  1. Dear Mevlana,

    Cindi, who wrote the comment on your other Garbo question, is a

    commentator, and therefore cannot answer this question. However, I've

    found several original Garbo posters, and I also added links to groups

    of poster collectors. Please note, that the picture you've originally

    referred to was not a poster, and therefore it is available only is a

    non-original poster, a reproduction, like Bobbi7 has already found for


    Garbo original posters and memorabilia


    Movie Stars Magazine


    Movie Stars Magazine


    Lenin Imports – Greta Garbo cards


    Movie Poster


    – original movie posters

    At the




    eBay(2) – search for "original garbo poster"




    Movie Pictures Gallery


    Posterworld – Garbo original


    Movie Treasures

    <> –

    Great Garbo (original posters, photos, postcards, etc.)

    Dominique Besson


    Vintage Hand Bills

    Garbo – Harlow – Keaton


    Old Hollywood Posters




    – non originals, but great variety

    Sonik – also , great variety (most not original)


    Trading Post

    <> – where people

    post their classified for original posters

    I hope this answers your question. Please contact me if you need any

    clarification on this answer before you rate it.

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