Gdp Per Capita Growth Chart


I am looking for a list of countries in the world sorted by GDP per

capita growth over the last 5-15 years. List should be comprehensive

(all, or most of the countries in the world). Additional data on

income distribution, population density, investment per capita,

technology/infrstructure prevalence also helpful. Source required.


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  1. Hi joseph77,

    The information provided by librarygopher and jeffreytran in the

    comments area is good. However, I've found a source which lists the

    GDP growth rate in a tabular form (along with GDP and GDP per capita).

    This information is recent (2001).

    World Economic Data/Stats – 2001 (Sorted by GDP Growth Rate)

    A sample is as follows

    Country Name Population Area People Per Sq KM GDP GDP Per Capita GDP

    Growth Rate

    The World 6157400560 510072000 sq km 12.07 $43600000000000 $7200 4.8%

    Turkmenistan 4603244 488100 sq km 9.43 $19600000000 $4300 16%

    Yugoslavia 10677290 102350 sq km 104.32 $24200000000 $2300 15%

    Iraq 23331985 437072 sq km 53.38 $57000000000 $2500 15%

    Liberia 3225837 111370 sq km 28.97 $3350000000 $1100 15%

    (Apologies if this doesn't come in an aligned fashion)

    Since I'm on the subject, let me draw your attention to a website,



    CountryWatch is a world leader in providing country specific

    geopolitical intelligence on each of the 192 countries of the world.

    The site has a lot of information on each country, and also a database

    which provides over 200,000 data points.

    I hope this answer, along with the comments of my fellow researchers,

    has answered your question. If you have any clarifications, please do




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