Ghost Writer Needed

I am looking for a science-fiction or thriller ghost-writer to write a novel

for me. For the purpose, I need a list of 100 freelance writers with

some accomplishments in the field.

I am interested people that are reachable and still actively working and do

or did the following:

* write or contribute to episodes for sci-fi TV series, e.g. Star Track,

X-Files, etc.

* write novels based on computer games, e.g. StarCraft

* write novels for book franchises, e.g. Tom Clancy's crew

* write scripts for comic books or novels based on comic books

* write storyboards for computer or role-playing games, e.g. Homeworld

* wrote acclaimed fan-fiction

I need the emailsand possibly the web sites and the phone numbers of the

writers, along with a short note on what exactly did they do in order to

make it into the list.

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