Good Writing and Rewriting

I am an architect, educated in the US, but not a native english speaker.

My hobby is writing short stories but my spelling, composition and

grammar are weak.

How can I find a "ghost-writer" who would be willing, for a "normal"

fee, read my texts, correct them, and rewrite them if necessary?

The idea is to end with a text that does not "feel" as writen by a

non-english writer. I could furnish a sample text to give the person

an idea what he would have to work with and then negotiate the fee,

per page or per story.

One thought on “Good Writing and Rewriting

  1. Hi tosop,

    Many people offer these services over the Internet. Depending on how

    much rewriting you need, you can search with Google or your favorite

    search engine for "editorial services" or "ghostwriting services."

    I'd suggest the Google Directory as a starting point.

    Google Directory page on writing and editing services

    There are 459 entries under Editing and Proofreading, so they are

    broken up by initial letter.

    There are only 19 entries under Ghost Writing.

    Network communication should work very well for this kind of project,

    but if you are looking for someone local with whom you can work in

    person, let me know in a request for clarification and I'll see what I

    can find. In that case, please tell me where you are located, too.

    I hope this information is helpful. If you need any more help with

    this search, please ask for a clarification.



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