Government Responsibilities For Man Made Erosion to River Systems

An Australian Farmer owns land that borders onto a river in New South

Wales. The river is managed by a state Government organization, the

Dept of Land and Water Conservation(DLWC), as a canal to feed water to

an Irrigation Area downstream. The aggressive and unnatural management

of the river has led to a huge increase in erosion. This is admitted

to by the DLWC. The erosion of the land has resulted in loss of both

valueable land and by extension a loss of production to the farmer.

I am interested in how other western democratic nations have dealt

with similar issues.

My question has 3 parts.

1. How do other nations deal with compensation to landowners for

damages arising from man-made erosion?

2. What measures have been used to minimize erosion in rivers for the


3. What measures have been adopted to repair the damage caused by

erosion to rivers?

I would be interested in extending the question and the fee if the

research revealed other related issues that would be of assistance in

this debate.

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