Government Retirees and Writing Books

I have been hired to speak to employees of the Federal Aviation

Administration (FAA). I am a pilot and a skydiver. I am also an author

and currently spend most of my time speaking on book

writing/publishing and aviation.

Most of this audience are nearing retirement at 55 and have a lot of

time left. The FAA wants to ease them into retirement by giving them

something to look forward to. Many are afraid of retirement because

they can?t imagine what they will do. Writing a book is an option.

Many can write down their job or hobby experience and pass it on to

people new in the workforce.

Some of my questions are:

What do Federal government employees do in retirement. (Need


What is the life expectancy of government employees?

At what age do most retire?

After how many years on the job?

How do these numbers compare with retirees in the private sector?

Do FAA retirement statistics differ from other government agencies?

What is the life expectancy of an author? Do writers live longer?

(I?ve never heard of an author who retired.)

What are the retirement options for federal employees?

(I plan to spend most of the presentation on how to write a book?one option).

Are there any resources for government retirees who write?

Are there any famous authors who retired from the Federal (or state or

local) government?

Any other ideas and/or numbers on Federal government retirees and

fiction or nonfiction book writing?

I?ve seen a statistic attributed to the Gallup polling organization.

Something about 81% or 82% of the population having a book inside

them. Can you verify this statistic?

So, I need some retirement statistics to form a foundation or reason

for the presentation.

Then I need material on book writing in retirement.

I can handle the part on how to write a book.

I already know about the statistics on the book industry at

I have NOT checked for numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or the AARP.

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