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We have an small business. We are providing computer and network

services. As I have heard there are some big companies which have big

project around the USA and they have some subcontractors. Infact that

subcontractors doing the job.(I know one of them And also there are some websites that

providing some online project. You can go in these web sites and find

a project which you able to do and contact them and do it. I need a

list of these 2 kind of companies.


Request for Question Clarification bycynthia-ga

I've read your question 3 times, and I still don't understand all of it.

Are you looking for freelance sites pertaining to computer work?

Clarification of Question byishan1234-ga

Yes I am looking for freelance sites. All the freelance sites that I

found is about software and programming and web development. I am

looking for computer network services and computer hardware services

and …


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