Her Majesty's Handbag

What *does* Queen Elizabeth carry in her purse? I mean really, does

anybody know (besides Herself and whoever waits on her)?

Always wondered–


3 thoughts on “Her Majesty's Handbag

  1. "Officials at Buckingham Palace were unreachable for comment, but it

    has been reported in the past that the queen's purse contains four

    items: a comb, a handkerchief, a small gold compact and a tube of

    lipstick. On Sundays, Her Majesty likes to carry an undisclosed amount

    of money for the collection plate at church."

    SOURCE: http://www.philly.com/mld/dailynews/news/local/3402724.htm

    "As anyone who reads Majesty magazine knows, the Queen carries a comb,

    a handkerchief, a small gold compact, and a tube of lipstick in her

    handbag. However, you were somewhat misled by Buckingham Palace. The

    Queen does carry money on Sundays–a folded note of unknown

    denomination which she discreetly places in the collection plate"

    SOURCE: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a3_318.html

    "He then called Buckingham Palace, where a press aide told him the bag

    contained "items of a personal nature, but not money…what you'd

    expect to find in a woman's purse." Baffled by this stonewalling,

    Cecil fell back on the notion of puppy biscuits for the corgis. A

    reader of the column came to the rescue with the following from

    Majesty Magazine, which listed the contents as "a comb, a

    handkerchief, a small gold compact, and a tube of lipstick" plus – on

    Sundays – a folded note for the collection plate.

    This very well-informed SD reader went on to say that the Queen uses

    the handbag as a sort of security blanket, carrying it from room to

    room throughout her day *even within Buckingham Palace*, and that all

    tables and desks at the royal residences have special hooks to hold

    the handbag."

    SOURCE: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=queen+comb+%22gold+compact%22&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&selm=20001210105747.02304.00004319%40ng-fr1.aol.com&rnum=1

    I hope that this was the type of answer you were expecting. Please let

    me know if you require any clarification, and I will do my best to

    further assist you.


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  2. Thank you, tisme. Do you consder these sources reliable? I confess

    I'm in some doubt. I mean, I don't really believe that if I had the

    opportunity to peep into Her Majesty's purse, I would see four items:

    a comb, a handkerchief, a small gold compact, and a tube of lipstick.

    Do you?


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