How Can I Find a Contract Singer?

I am looking for someone to record a few children's songs for me (for

a children's play gym).

These are short 30 to 60 second songs to the tunes of Twinkle,

Twinkle; You are My Sunshine, etc, with custom lyrics we have written.

I'm looking to contract someone who can produce this in a professional

sounding way, with voice and optionally instrumental backup. I'd like

a Raffi or Wiggles or Sugar Beats type of a sound.

A successful answer to this question would include links/contact

information for 3 people / groups who are in the business of doing

this sort of thing on a contract basis, and have some experience with

kids type music. I don't want jingle production companies that are in

the business of writing their own lyrics/music for commercials, unless

they also do this.

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