How to Buy Bunch of Used Books From One Store and Only Pay One Shipping Charge?

I want to buy a bunch of Dr. Seuss books for my new baby. I've been

burned once before when I wanted to buy a number of Golden Guides and

I slaved away at Amazon struggling to get all the books I wanted from

only two zShops–only to find that they treated every book as a

separate order anyway, and charged me for shipping accordingly!

I've seen that Alibris will consolidate purchases from a single

seller, but they don't make it particularly easy to identify a single

seller who carries all the books you want.

A good answer would give me the ability to somewhat easily get 10-20

Seuss books for an average of under $3.00 including shipping. I'll

give an extra $5 or $10 if a number of them are board books. (If I

get an anser that requires me to do more than, say, twenty minutes of

work, I'd still be willing to pay something.)

Clarification of Question bymercurio-ga

I did look at Powell's, and you're right. The prices are more like

$5. But a lot of the brokered stores seem to have prices under $3. I

did see, for instance, that Beagle Books LLC on Amazon has a number of

Seuss books for good prices, but since I can't find a way to buy from

them except through Amazon, I would be stuck paying multiple shipping


Clarification of Question bymercurio-ga

Thank you for the comment. I'm afraid I forgot to cancel the question

after going ahead a buying on ebay. The lot I ended up with seems a

little overpriced and includes a bunch of Berenstein Bears, which I

don't think I want. But at least some Seuss books are on their way.

I thank people for their help.

Also — someonee could probably make some money by adding better

search/aggregation features to book buying engines….

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