How to Manufacture Creatine

Where can I obtain free information on how to manufacture Creatine

(the weight building supplement)?

Thank you.

Request for Question Clarification bygrimace-ga

Hi papillon,

Do you want to manufacture a small quantity for personal use, or are

you going into business?

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  1. papillon-ga,

    Being a big fan of (now retired) baseball player Mark McGwire of the

    St. Louis Cardinals who was a proponent of creatine, I find this a

    fascinating topic.

    You can find explicit directions on producing creatine and creatine

    supplements via the full-text of Patent filings at the United States

    Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO):


    Specifically, you should access the publicly available searchable


    Patent Full-Text and Full-Page Image Databases

    There are a number of choices, but I used the Quick Search option

    which is directly accessible here:

    USPTO QuickSearch

    In the box labeled "Term 1:" enter the word "creatine" (no quotes)

    Change the pulldown menu labeled "in Field 1" to "Title"

    Click on the "Search" button

    You should retrieve about 39 separate patents. The one that I found

    which most explicitly gives step by step directions on producing

    creatine is patent number 6,326,513, "Process for producing creatine

    or creatine-monohydrate." If you click on that patent you can read the

    full text with directions. For example:

    ". . . To a 20% (w/w) unprocessed aqueous solution of 833.1 g (about

    1.5 mol) of sodium N-methylglycinate, a concentrated hydrochloric acid

    was added under stirring and cooling in an ice-salt liquor or an

    ice-water bath to adjust pH to 9.5. The temperature was kept below C. in this process. Under the condition that the internal

    temperature was kept at C., 291.9 g (1.1 mol) of

    S-methylisothiourea sulfate was slowly added into the solution under

    stirring within about 60 minutes. Then the solution was stirred for

    another 10 minutes at the internal temperature below C.

    Thereafter, stirring was stopped, and the internal temperature was

    kept at C. . . ."

    Under the section labeled "BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION" we get some

    additional information indicating that there are different ways to

    produce creatine:

    "Conventionally, the preparation of creatine involves extraction from

    biological raw materials such as muscle scraps. However, such a method

    is not cost effective and the use of such a source is not very

    sanitary. Currently, creatine is mainly prepared by chemical

    synthesis, i.e. through reaction of cyanamide with N-methylglycine

    (sarcosine). However, N-methylglycine is a very expensive raw

    material, moreover, a satisfactory yield can not be achieved. Chinese

    Patent application CN 1140707A filed by the SKW Trestberg Corporation

    Ltd. discloses a process for preparing creatine or

    creatine-monohydrate, which is aimed to achieve a commercially

    acceptable yield and a higher purity. In this process, cyanamide is

    reacted with sodium N-methylglycinate or potassium N-methylglycinate

    in water or in a mixture of water and an organic solvent at a

    temperature of C. to C. and pH of 7 to 14.

    However, the cost by using this method is very high, furthermore,

    harmful impurities such as cyanide and/or ammonia may be present in

    the product. Briefly speaking, known method for preparation of

    creatine is not satisfactory."

    Many of the other patents turned up with this same search will likely

    give you other directions on the production and preparation of


    Some notes:

    Sometimes the databases for the USPTO can be slow or inaccessible. I

    have found that if an error page comes up that hitting the RELOAD or

    REFRESH key on my browser typically retrieves the item.

    Also, a Quicktime browser plugin is used to display the images of the

    pages. To view the page images, after retrieving a patent, just click

    on the button near the top of the screen labeled "Images." It takes

    extra steps to print these page images. The images of the pages of the

    specific patent I'm directing you to doesn't appear to add anything to

    the textual directions. However, as you browse through some of the

    other relevant patents, you may find some images that are worth

    saving. I have found that using ALT-Print Screen (Windows 2000) will

    copy the screen to the clipboard wherein it can be pasted into an

    application such as MS Paint, then manipulated and printed.

    Another option: I have purchased copies of the patents online. The

    last time I did so it was $3.00 to retrieve online in a PDF (Adobe

    Acrobat) format.

    Finally, since these are patented procedures, should you wish to

    manufacture creatine for profit using the exact information in these

    patent filings you should seek legal counsel regarding licensing your

    production from the patent holder.

  2. I am wanting to go into business by eventually setting up a plant in

    China then distributing it there.

    Thank you!

  3. By the mechanisms Google Answers have in place, when a questioner asks

    for clarification we have to respond before the question is closed


    First, glad to be of service. I didn't even mention that the patent

    holders for patent 6,326,513 appear to be Chinese nationals based in


    Did you need any clarification or did you just hit the wrong button

    (something I just did recently so I'm not about to be miffed by any

    means). I read your clarification request as a "thanks."

    If all is well, feel free to rate the quality of my response.If you DO

    need clarification, don't hesitate to ask for it.


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