How to Market Top Model and Actress Site – Need Grand Opening!!!


My name is Amber Smith; I am a model and actress. I will be

re-opening my web site (I will be getting my domain ""

transferred to me from a cybersquatter in about a week after winning

an ICANN dispute).

I have built a new site that is similar to the one I have now but

more sophisticated and diversified (Please peruse the link below –

it's vital to the question/s I have)

The new site will be more career-oriented and will NOT have any

nudity – BUT it still will be sexy. This is an important fact to know

for it will walk the line between MAINSTREAM and say.. a Tasteful SEXY

site like (but hers is totally nude but still tasteful and

only somewhat similar in that it's not a hardcore site).

These days it's either business/mainstream or hardcore porn… very

little 'in between', which makes things tricky in finding areas to

promote effectively.

I have no sites to lead you to that would be similar unfortunately –

The best I can do would be… like a cross between and but more expansive than both – see below as to how.

In this new site I will be incorporating:

1) A BLOG fan club for a fee (17.99?).

2) My new production company resume and projects in development for

Investors to review.

3) Souvenirs and Auctions to be automatically purchased (*need lot of

easy billing options).

4) A complete portfolio, downloadable 30 page press kit, eight demo

reels and booking pages. The most extensive promotional e-kit I have

ever seen on the net.

5) A Model consulting and web design company. This will stem off to

another domain but is starting on this site.

It's a large site with many different avenues and very beautifully


It will promote my career, production company – Be fan friendly, earn

money$$$ and be a showcase site for the design firm as well.

My questions is, I want this to be a successful opening (MARCH 2005)

and appeal to many clients: my old FANS, CASTING DIRECTORS, INTERESTED



So I need to market wisely and in many ways.

The climate has changed since I last opened a site and I would like to

know how to promote in the most modern and cutting-edge ways as well

as cost-effective.

So, how should I market? In what ways? When, who and what could

handle a site that is borderline mainstream yet sexy. This is vital.

I want to start an affiliate program but how and with whom?

I want to market online but where and what to expect?

I want a Los Angeles-based Webmaster for updates but where to find

one that can handle the level of my site design – my designer doesn't

do updating?

And I was thinking would it be wise to hire a cheap online marketing

firm for PR but who? And what credentials do they have that would be

similar to a successful promotion of a site like mine? How much are they?

Here is the kicker… Though I own my photos/videos and have paid my

designer, I have just but one month and $3,000 to create this "Grand


Also, no idea is too "much" though I want to market very effectively,

I am also open-minded to unique arenas if need be.

Need help and specifics on all the above and on this tight budget

(and preferably Los Angeles-based people, if at all possible, but not

totally necessary).

As many ideas, ESPECIALLY direct contact information (Very

important), and the possible effectiveness (guesstimates are fine)

would be fantastic – especially ideas where a lot of the grunt work

can be condensed due to my schedule.

From banners to press releases to affiliate programs to online PR (or

cheap or new marketing firm that needs a showcase site?), etc…

I can't do it myself so I need both effective ideas and help from

sources… what can I do and how in one month and 3 grand?

Thank you!!

Amber Smith

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