How to Set Up a Wireless Lan Using a Wanadoo/orange Livebox


Can anyone please help me with the following problem.

I currently have the Wireless nad Talk service with Wanadoo, or as

they are now known Orange Broadband. I am in the UK.

I want to set up a local area network at home between 1 desktop and 2

laptops and in the future 1 wireless printer. All currently connect to

the Internet through the Livebox individually.

I do not know how to configure any of the computers, and indeed the

livebox itself to set up a wireless LAN, so that I can file and print

share etc. under a network name.

I an running Norton Internet Security 2006 on all three computers.

Could someone please provide me with comprehensive advice on how to

set up this network, or failing that direct me to a comprehensive

source of information on the internet which will give me step by step

instructions on how to do it.

Many thanks in advance.


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