Humorous Poem About Zebras

Some time in the last year I heard on the radio a very funny poem

about a zebra

who "was not like the others" named Spot. The person reading the poem

had a non-US accent (perhaps British). I'd love to get the full text

of the poem and

the name of the author.

2 thoughts on “Humorous Poem About Zebras

  1. Hello.

    The poem that you heard was "Spot the Zebra" by Les Barker. It's on

    Barker's comedy CD "AROVERTHERAPY," available from Picklehed Music.

    For more information, visit Picklehead's web page:

    Picklehead has a one minute audio clip of "Spot the Zebra" in

    RealPlayer format. I listened to the clip and can verify that it

    contains the line "Spot was not like the others."

    search strategy: "zebra named spot," "spot the zebra"

    I hope this helps.

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