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How do I change the document icon of a hta document in windows?

Request for Question Clarification bytar_heel_v-ga

what version of windows are you running?


Clarification of Question bypixelmaster-ga

I'm running windows 2000, but I would like the icon to be viewable on

all version, if possible. (it's for a cd-rom)

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  1. Hi pixelmaster-ga!

    Changing the icon for a document is rather easy. Simply open Windows

    Explorer, View menu, Folder Options, File Types tab. Look for HTA

    under Extensions. Click Advanced button, then click Change Icon. Now

    simply choose a desired icon. Then OK all the way out. The icon

    change will be reflected in Windows usually after closing all Explorer

    windows and reopening them. If that doesn't work, rebooting will

    definitely do it.

    As for having the icon display differently on other computers, you'll

    have program something to change their icons as well. Otherwise, the

    icon displayed will be the default Windows icon unless they have

    something installed, in which case it will use the icon used by

    whatever program they installed.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Could you clarify this sentence:

    "As for having the icon display differently on other computers, you'll

    have program something to change their icons as well."

    Actually, I'm afraid my question was a bit confusing, I meant to ask

    how to chance the icon of a *specific* hta file, not of all hta

    documents on my computer. I want the hta document to have a custom

    icon instead of the standard windows document icon. On a mac this is

    easy, but maybe it's just not possible on windows.

  3. Hi pixelmaster-ga,

    I guess I should've clarified further before I answered. I apologize

    for that.

    For the sentence you've mentioned, what I meant was you would have to

    program something to duplicate the results of all the steps I had in

    my answer to change the icon for that particular file type. This

    program would simply save the user from having to change the icon


    As for changing the icon for a single file rather than the entire file

    type, as far as I know, this isn't possible with Windows. Only EXE's,

    shortcuts (.LNKs) and folders can have their own icons apart from

    other folders.

    In your situation, the only way to change the icon is if you create a

    shortcut to your current HTA file. Then change the icon on the

    shortcut. The fastest way to create a shortcut to itself is drag your

    HTA file and while holding down your mouse button, hold Ctrl+Shift

    then let go of the button. Then open the properties of the newly

    created shortcut and change the icon in the Shortcut tab.

    The reason that it's easier to change icons on Macs is that ALL Mac

    files have both a data fork and a resource fork. For Windows files,

    ONLY some have an embedded resource such as EXEs; all Windows filed

    are stored as a single file.

    I hope this is acceptable to you as an answer.



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