Illustrated Book About Pill-Popping Rabbit

I'm looking for a book about a rabbit that is depressed. He discovers

anti-depressants and many other kinds of pills. I would personally

classify it as dark humor. The book is small (around 3 inches by 3

inches) and illustrated. I last spotted the book in a Barnes and

Noble around two years ago. In addition to the author and title, a

satisfactory answer will include an image of the cover or some other

information that I can use to confirm that this book is the one I


Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Is this the book?


Clarification of Question bypogil-ga

Rainbow, thanks for the prompt response. No, this is not the book I

am looking for. I should add that the book I'm in search of also

contains text in addition to the illustrations.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Thank you for your clarification.

Is there anything else you can remember about the book?


Clarification of Question bypogil-ga

Unfortunately I don't remember a whole lot about it (I know, I'm not

making this easy, am I?). At least not much particularly useful. The

rabbit was depressed then got prescribed some antidepressants. He was

then happy, then discovered Viagra and a multitude of other pills and

the book describes how those pills affected his life.

In the middle of January 2004 I think it was in a bargain bin at B&N

in Pennsylvania.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

I have been searching for hours for this book and no luck so far. Is

there any part of the title or author you can remember. Any word?


One thought on “Illustrated Book About Pill-Popping Rabbit

  1. Hello.

    I'm going to go far out on a limb here and say that your book was

    actually "Pills for Cats: Finding Happiness Through Modern

    Pharmacology" (2003) by Charles Kreloff et al.

    From a reader review at

    "This is a simply delightful little book about a cat who has a whole

    bevy of modern psychological issues, and finds relief in the miracles

    of Prozac, Xanax, Valium, Ambien, and a whole host of other medicinal


    Now, obviously this book features a cat rather than a bunny rabbit,

    but the cat's long pointy ears actually make him look quite a bit like

    a rabbit. Also, the year (2003) is consistent with your recollection

    of seeing it at B&N two years ago. Also, the book is small (5



    search strategy: advanced search:

    subject: medicine humor ; year: after 2002

    In short, this is small, illustrated, humorous, two-year-old book

    about a depressed animal that discovers a variety of meds (and

    resembles a rabbit). As such, I'm fairly confident that this is the

    book you're remembering. If not, please let me know via the "request

    clarification" feature. Thanks.

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