Industrial Design For Incineration of Volatile Organic Compound by Natural Gas

Industrial Design: An inddustry has decided to incinerate trace

amounts of volatile organic compound that are otherwise discharged

into the atomosphere. their permit necessititate 99.6% removal


the data are as follows:

flow rate:200 scfm, concetration:500 ppm, T:300 deg.of farh.

the incineration requirents:

T:1200 deg of farh, Excess air:80%, Gas velocity:15 ft/s

The combustion reaction is modeled by first order kinetics as follows:

C=Co exp(2.6/s)t

Assuming the inciverator will be fueled with natural gas(0.0424

lb/ftc, 1000btu/ft). Determine the fuel consumption rate and the

length and cross-section of a tubular incinerator.

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