Influential Trend-Setters

I am trying to assemble an ongoing database listing in ranked priority

order, the most influential trend-setters in our culture. For

example, P. Diddy, Calvin Klein or Vera Wang would show up with a very

high score on this report. I am looking for sources, such as

magazines, internet sites, ranking services (Yahoo Buzz) that when

accessed, can provide this information for a fee, or on an ongoing

subscriber basis, or as part of regular output. This information

would enable us to identify emerging trend-setting leaders for

potential advertising campaigns and these leaders could be authors,

celebrities, musicians, sports stars, etc. Primary interest is in the

ranking, and finding multiple ongoing sources for seeking this


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  1. Dear psheph1064,

    I divided my answer into several groups, as you can see bellow

    Trendsetters Research


    The following sites have regular updated on cultural and fashion trends.

    Trend Report – probably your best source online

    (outside from the L-Report, listed under ?Magazines?). Has a section

    on ?Trendsetters? which is regularly updated, as well as a newsletter.

    See also Trendsetters in action:


    Trend Central

    <> – news, regularly

    updated, on what?s cool (but no special reference to ?who?s cool?).


    <> – Also regularly updated,

    but refers more to products than to people.


    <> – ?its 3,000+ trendspotters scan the

    US, Canada, European Union, Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa,

    Australia, Brazil and 50 other nations & regions for hot, emerging

    consumer trends and related new business ideas. We report on our

    findings in free, opinionated newsletters, and in exclusive, yet

    affordable seminars and corporate trend briefings around the globe,

    combining global observations, insights and new business ideas into

    trends like 'POP-UP RETAIL', 'GENERATION C', 'ONLINE OXYGEN' and

    'MASSCLUSIVITY', all colorfully explained and illustrated.? another

    good source, but judging from the current newsletter (on the site),

    mostly relating to products, less to people.

    Trendzine ? Fashion Information – newsletter with fashion

    trends and news.

    Most Popular Search Terms and Sites


    The following sites rank the information on search-terms, popular

    sites, and therefore bring, in my opinion, better (and more updated)

    picture for the trend analyst than anything else in other sections of

    this answer. I especially recommend the first two: Google?s Zeigeist

    and Lycos? 50, though all of these resources are very valuable.

    Google Zeitgeist

    The most searched queries:


    Lycos 50 Daily Report – ?Daily commentary on search trends and pop culture?

    Yahoo! Buzz

    <Buzz Index – Top Yahoo! Web Searches>

    Alexa – includes links for the most popular sites, for

    ?movers and shakers? (up and down), hot searches, etc.

    Google News

    <> – The most

    spoken-of entertainment news.

    Compuserve: Who?s Hot


    – Hottest celebrity of the day.



    Magazines and hard copy reports that could assist a trend analyst.

    First of all, the L-Style_Report,

    <> – which provides quarterly updates on

    trends and styles (for a subscription fee). This is the mother of all

    style and trend guides, initiated by DeeDee Gordon and by Lambesis


    LookLook Magazine

    <> – another

    project related to Gordon, this time an arts/style magazine written by

    the target groups. Very stylish.

    American Demographics

    <> – provides general

    information on population trends, etc.


    <> – Provides some predictions as to future

    trends (though frankly, I wasn?t much impressed with their website).

    General Gossip Information: Who?s Hot


    Knowing who is on the top of the news would help us understand better

    who?s a trendsetter. It is, however, not a perfect source: being on

    the news, doesn?t mean that you?re not ridiculed (e.g., Michael

    Jackson or Paris Hilton).

    National Enquirer



    Teen Hollywood

    <> – since teens are the main audience

    influenced by trendsetters, this is a good place to find information

    about who?s considered interesting and cool.

    The Movie Insider


    E! Online


    Other tools


    Various sites that provide perspective on trends, from their own niche:

    What?s Hot on eBay

    <> – what are the

    most selling items on the popular auction site.


    <> – A BBC game, based on celebrity

    stock exchange (viewing the data requires registration). This could

    tell you, who is considered ?cool? and could prove an excellent tool.

    Cultural briefings


    Box Office Mojo

    <> – most popular films, includes also forecast.

    IMDB Pro

    <> – a database (for a

    fee), prioviding ranking of celebrities (movie and television

    industry) and their popularity on a daily basis.


    <> – the list is

    unfortunately updated yearly,

    42 (Australia) – trend analysis firm


    <> – trend analysis firm

    SheFinds – trend analysis firm

    Youth Intelligence – trend analysis firm

    I hope this answered your question. Please contact me if you need any

    clarifications on this answer before you rate it. My search strategy

    has been to search for terms such as ?trendsetter(s)? , ?trends?

    (+culture, +style, etc.), or related terms; I also have some previous

    knowledge on the subject, which was of course used here.

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