Information of Medical Institutes Which Conduct Mammography Screenings in the Co


I wish to find some information of medical institutes which conduct

Mammography screenings in the countries listed below. I'd be

particularly interested in obtaining details (names of contact people,

full address, contact info) of the adminstrative bodies (head

physicians, clinic managers and hospital administrators).

1) Germany.

2) UK.

3) Austria.

4) Italy.

5) Spain.

6) Belgium.

7) Portugal.

8) France.

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I am currently working on your question and have found several

clinics in the UK and Germany. I haven't started on the other

countries yet. As you can imagine, the language barrier is a problem,

as many of the sites are not posted in English. Therefore, I find many

referencest to clinics or hospitals that conduct mammography screeings

in these countries, but I may only be able to provide you with the

name, and reference to the article which mentions the particular

institution. In some cases, I have even been unable to find the


How much of a list are you willing to accept? I don't want to

continue compiling a list that you will ultimately find unnacceptable.

However, I will do my best to find as complete information as I can

for the countries you have listed.

Also, I cannot give you much indication of how many facilities I will

be able to provide for each country, using online resources. However,

if I can at least find one or two, you will at least have a starting

point for referrals and information for other clinics withing that

country. Is this acceptable?


Request for Question Clarification byumiat-ga


I have currently found 17 clinics in the UK, and a contact reference

for 19 clinics in Germany, participating in German Cancer Aid, as well

as the contact information for 3 more clinics in Germany.

However, I have been totally stymied by so many websites that I

cannot translate, I will not continue unless you are willing to have

me continue, and possibly only find one or two for the other

countries. Or, you are willing to accept the names of clinics, (backed

up by the article which mentions their connection to mammography

screening) without a website or contact information because they are

not available in English.

I may be able to find some more, but have put in a full day already

and don't want to continue without some parameters from you.



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