Japanese Animation

I am interested in comics and animation, please let me know the

copyright owner and Master Licensor of following comic /animated

characters, Please also provide following information : Master

Licensor, Characters Owner, website, email address for licensing

dept. and telephone number for each characters in excel format.

Chinese Name Name

?? Dragon Ball

????? Saint Seiya

???? Kamen Rider

??A? Doraemon

IQ?? Dr. Slump

???? Gundom

?????? Fullmetal Alchemist

???D Initial D

????? Macross

???? Popeye

??? Godzilla

?????? Astro Boy

??? Heidi, Girl of the Alps

?? Pac Man

??28? Tetsujin 28

?? Pink Panther

?? King Kong

??? Sonic

???17 Iron Giant 17


X ?? X-men

??? Spide-man

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