Josh Groban

A singing sensation, Josh Groban was very visible over a year ago.

Albums, concerts, singing the national anthem at high profile events

(super bowl), etc. He has seemingly disappeared completely in the

last year. Where is he?/ Sick??

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Please let me know if this answers your question:

BUENA PARK, CA (December 2, 2005)

"With two multi-platinum albums under his belt, 2001?s self-titled

debut and 2003?s Closer, Groban is busy working on a third album now.

He is ready to take more chances, write more songs on his Yamaha

piano, and do some musical experimenting.

?I think the next album will be hopefully what fans have enjoyed on

the last two, but I still want to do some more exploring, and sit down

at that piano more,? he says. ?Because for me, when I?m able to sit

down at the piano and play, there?s just something that comes out

that?s even more grounded than when I?m just standing there singing.?

Groban is hoping for a May or June 2006 release, followed by another tour.",,CNTID%253D63241%2526CTID%253D%2526CNTYP%253DNEWS,00.html

Also, according to his website he performed at the Grammy Jam on Dec 10, 2005.

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