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What is the most appropriate software for my company project to deploy

several thousand internet kiosks. I've heard that Netshift is qyuite

good, but the COO and CEO are both a bit flakey

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  1. Good morning, Nigel!

    I don't know about you, but I've always been of the opinion that the

    best way to decide what product will suit your needs is to be able to

    try the product out. To that end, I went looking for kiosk software

    companies that offer a free demo, to help you make an informed


    There are dozens of Kiosk software companies to choose from. Here are

    just a few:

    I can't speak to the flakiness (or lack thereof) of the COO and CEO of

    Montegonet, but their Netshift software is available as a nearly fully

    functioning demo, so you can thoroughly test drive it before you

    commit. They include 30 days of free technical support.


    RockMedia calls their Kiosk-In-A-Box solution "The Ultimate in Kiosk

    Software". The software allows for application creation without a lot

    of programming knowledge. RockMedia offers an almost fully functional

    demo of their software – you can do everything except change a certain

    graphic, and there's a nag button until you unlock the software:


    SiteKiosk, based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, offers a basic site

    license, as well as several plug ins. There is a message board where

    SiteKiosk users can discuss problems or solutions, and the company can

    help sort out bugs. They offer a free demo, which includes plug ins.


    NetStop's website presents information for each portion of it's kiosk

    software solution, from security, to customization, to remote

    maintenance, as well as a free demo download and complete



    For reviews to help you decide, I would suggest getting your hands on

    a copy of Kiosk Magazine's February 2002 issue, which is their kiosk

    software review special. You can order back issues from Kiosk

    Magazine here:


    Search terms used included: "kiosk software" free demo reviews

    Hope this helps!


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