Large Vehicle Sourcing & Export Service Providers

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for the following as the elements of a satisfactory

research response:

1. Web sites which provide used truck sales listing and services in

preferably English, but can deal with German.

2. A valuation service to check on the initially selected trucks of

interest and if they're priced at market value or not.

3. Certification service, probably by the manufacturer at an added

cost or a third party, of the cars' condition and authenticity.

4. An export service to process the deal and make sure the truck is

being sold by its real owner and not stolen as well as process the

needed legal requirements & standards of the source and detination

countries to complete its shipping proceedures.

As a plus:

Same as the above by for consumer/passenger vehicles. 🙂

Thanks a whole bunch.


Request for Question Clarification byadiloren-ga

I need to know the following to effectively answer your question:

1) Where are you planning on exporting/ importing the vehicles? Does it matter?

2) Is there any particular type of truck that you are interested in?



3 thoughts on “Large Vehicle Sourcing & Export Service Providers

  1. Hi! Thanks for the well thought of question. I have to admit that

    these are indeed necessary if one wants to be in the trucking


    For starters the first two websites has almost all of the things you

    would need (sales, placements, valuation and servicing) which I did

    not find in other trucking sales services.

    Trucks and Parts (Florida) even has information on used truck exports.

    The rest I am going to answer your question in piecemeal so as to get

    better coverage of your inquiry.


    1. The following are used truck sales listing and services:

    A directory related to truck sales companies can be found here:

    for individual websites of used truck sellers I have made a rundown


    Best-Used Trucks

    The Ed Schmidt Truck Store

    4A trucks

    Used Truck Sellers in Canada


    2. The Valuation services you might need to use to determine the

    proper value of the trucks you choose:

    Edmunds True Market Value Pricing

    NADA Online

    If you would need a truck or other vehicle damage appraisal

    Interstate Appraisal


    3. Truck certification services

    Isuzu Gold Star Truck Certification-For Used Isuzu Trucks

    National Truck Equipment Association (Vehicle Valuation Service)


    4. Truck Export Service you would need.

    Trucks Wholesale

    Brown's Auto and Truck Depot (for trucks)

    Used Truck Sales

    Export Truck Sales

    All Truck

    Most of the sites here also have services for other types of passenger


    Search Terms used:

    Used truck sales valuation export service complete

    I hope this would be of assistance to your trucking business. Thank

    you for using Google Answers.



  2. Hello Adiloren,

    1. Exports are towards the middle east, mostly to the Gulf.

    2. Biased towards German brands, the more popular the better.


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